As a fashion designer, apart from creative expression and pattern process, fabric is one of the most important elements for them. From color, pattern to texture, fabric conveys the power of the designer and the beauty of his craft. Many designer brands stand out in the market, and their core competitiveness is the key element of “fabric”.

Nowadays, the leading of designers on fabrics is shifting from “positive selection” to “reverse design”. This positive interaction between demand and joint research and development has enabled more and more suppliers and designers to achieve a win-win situation.


As society and time progresses, people are becoming defined by modern technology, AI and intelligence, with digital codes building high walls of barriers. At a time when resources are increasingly scarce, brands are starting to make efforts to reduce their impact on the environment and bio-engineered fabrics will become the norm. As we spend more time looking at the world through screens, digitally fabrics and effects will be important. The use of bold pearlescent, jelly textures, and tinfoil metallic light effects to make fabrics more delicate and fuller, with a technical sheen and natural texture, is a hot trend that Generation Z is embracing.

The Autumn/Winter 21/21 collection makes bold use of pearlescence, inspired by natural pearls and shell minerals.

In the movie "Interstellar Agent: City of a Thousand Planets", there is a noble race of people in space called the Pearl People, whose fair skin conveys the cold mechanical sense of technology. The designer's bold innovation, with its sporty metallic shades and iridescent light, gives the fabric a glassy, chromatic surface that is both technical and luxurious.

The jelly-wax texture of the coating is created through the variation and structure of the material, creating a coating that satisfies our need for both gloss and tactile pleasure, colliding with a sense of novelty and extraction. Creativity and innovation are expressed through an exaggerated approach to design, playing with dimensionality and oversized silhouettes, and emphasizing the glossy effect of the fabric.

High-strength metallic effects are important for FW20/21, with digital designs becoming more and more important, and highly eye-catching fabrics that meet the unique personality of Generation Z's "must see me". The composite material of coated nylon gives a futuristic feel to the fabric, which is perfect for large silhouettes.

In an effort to reduce our impact on the environment, climate-friendly fabrics and processes have proliferated. New technological synthetics for warmth contain mini-organisms that are both antibacterial and breathable. These minimalist fabrics are constantly evolving, as designers use technology and fabrics to enhance the protection of garments and elegant functional designs to make people more comfortable in all types of weather.

The weather is getting cooler, down jacket "battlefield" has been opened. Weavers quickly accept this trend of women's cotton, down fabric, together with the "hot" winter it!