Date: June 2nd,2020

All countries are being tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lives and livelihoods everywhere are being threatened by the virus and its impacts. In order to successfully rebuild our economies, we need to work together – and we need to think outside the box.


  1.  YM2122-002 (medical use) The price was USD0.65/M in March. It was USD1.99/M in the middle of April. It is USD0.65/M now.
  2. YM2122-010(civil use) It is so hot from April to June. Price is USD0.45-0.5/M now.
  3. YM2122-012( medical use) SMS was so hot in May.  The price is still high now.


SS+PE film


PP + PE film



We drove 700 km in order to order SMS on May 28th.

Please note:

EN14126 and EUR13795 are obtained by testing the garment ( coverall or isolation suit).

Our fabric passes functional tests as required.