The Covid-19 pandemic has hit, and pandemic prevention materials have been in demand. The face masks were in huge demand and became the object of hot money. A short period of three months, hot money from the face mask downstream began to speculate, quickly shifted to the upstream raw materials, burst the whole industry chain of the face mask, making huge profits.
Early January 21, the mask from the original RMB few cents per piece to a dollar per piece. January 24, the face mask quickly rose to about RMB 3 yuan. The first batch of hot money made a lot of money, followed by a large number of retail traders who followed, while there was a lot of information backwards. The information poured out of stock, speculating around the information, speculating goods, connecting to the customer while connecting to the source of goods. With too many middle links, one link is distorted and the entire chain suffers.
In early February, the price of masks rose to RMB 6 a piece. Hot money started planning the business of producing masks.
After Feb. 9, the resumption of work resumed and the hot money targeted the mask machine. The mask machine went from RMB200,000 /set, with daily price increases, to RMB1.2 million/set by early March.
A large quantity of masks machines are put into production, and the demand for meltblown fabric is well up. In March, prices continued to rise, and in mid-April, they rose to RMB700,000 a ton.
At the same time as the meltblown fabric rose, the non-woven fabric used in our protective clothing fabrics, also rose with it. The price of our company’s YM2122-002 was RMB 4.2 /meter on February 21, and in March, it went up to RMB6.5/meter. By April, the highest rise to RMB14/meter. The imbalance between supply and demand led to the price of non-woven fabric skyrocketed, 003, 006, 007 section because the price itself is higher than 002, so the production stopped earlier than 002 section. Our company has been developing new products, in early April, we developed 008 , in mid-April, we developed 009 and 010 , currently, 008, 009, 010 can be shipped.
002, 003, 006, 007 GB19082-2009 standards and can be made to EN14126-2003 standard coverall.
008, 009, 010 may be used in the production of civil isolation suits.
Let’s hope the pandemic passes quickly and that our products can help quarantine the virus.